About Us

Powerful Lighting. Full Control.


We are a team of passionate innovators who specialize in optimizing commercial building efficiencies through the application of LED Lighting and the Internet of Things (IoT).


We work hard to provide the very best lighting and lighting control solutions for each client's specific needs. Our carefully crafted approach to each project and deep knowledge in the industries we serve is why we are trusted by some of the most established institutions in the United States.

A global leader

in the application of LED lighting and smart wireless lighting control systems.


Controlled Lighting has an outstanding ten year track record of working with its partners and customers in commercial, industrial, healthcare and education spaces. Our focus and direction is to reduce energy consumption and increase operational productivity through the integration of advanced LED lighting and wireless control systems.

Highly Versatile, Multiple Award-Winning Technology.


Selected by the D.O.E. for use in case studies.


Winner of five awards between Next Generation Luminaires and Lighting for Tomorrow competitions.


Rated "Flicker-Free" according to California's Title 24 - JA10 Flicker Test.

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Corporate Overview


Controlled Lighting designs LED systems that are simple to control, with power that performs and quality that lasts.

Copyright © 2018 Controlled Lighting Corp.

All rights reserved.