An Edge on Your Competitors.


Our lighting fixtures excel in both aesthetics and function.


An effective and attractive lighting environment increases the productivity and well-being of your employees, helps you recruit and retain high-value employees, enhances your image, and raises the total value of your facility.


Through years of research, testing and innovation, our advanced office lighting systems have been designed from the ground up to directly improve business operations.

Energy Saving and Optimization Strategy.


In addition to LED-specific energy savings, our connected lighting systems provide the ability to monitor and control the usage of your lighting infrastructure.


Easily optimize the delivery of lighting with the deep insights our systems provide. Reach your energy-saving goals with strategies you can observe, measure, and control.

Products for Commercial Facilities

comfortable, Effective lighting for your office building.


Enhance mood, alertness, and productivity of employees.

Foster creativity and energy in the workplace.

Benefit financially from significantly reduced energy costs.

A World-Class Workplace.


Our approach to commercial lighting systems has been crafted over the years for impact and transformation. Each facility’s individual goals and needs demand unique solutions. Powerful, versatile and remarkably efficient, our technology is the best in its class, which is why we are trusted by top commercial facilities in the US.

An Interconnected Lighting System.


Reliable, durable, effortlessly maintained and endlessly expandable, our LED smart connectivity system is top of its class.


Experiment with tried-and-true presets or take full control of your lighting infrastructure. Different departments and teams can benefit from their own unique lighting conditions. Customization is at your fingertips.

Heighten alertness and minimize employee error rates. Increase well-being and reduce the number of sick days taken. Raise productivity through a responsive and effective work environment.

Our color tunable lighting is designed to improve circadian rhythms for better sleep regularity, alertness, mood, visual acuity and productivity.

Our Wireless SMART Control enables individually-tuned ambient lighting for both employees & visitors, at any hour of the day.

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Corporate Overview


A transformation in lighting can bring your facility's efficiency and productivity to new levels. Controlled Lighting designs LED systems that are simple to control, with power that performs and quality that lasts.

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