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With a client base of top US healthcare institutions and smaller facilities alike, we have fine-tuned our approach toward optimizing the welfare and comfort of patients and staff. Our healthcare lighting technology is engineered to promote safe and productive working environments, while significantly reducing facility-wide energy expenses.

Lighting for Medical Institutions.

In hospitals and other medical treatment facilities, we have designed lighting systems for patient rooms, operating rooms, staff facilities, lobbies and hallways.

Lighting for Senior Care Homes.

Our lighting systems are ideal for care facilities and residential homes for the elderly. The capabilities of our Human Centric LED technology are beneficial to seniors of all ages and conditions, including those with physical or mental conditions.

Lighting for Care Practitioner Training Facilities.

Optimal lighting can create an effective and safe medical learning environment. Our technology is powerful, yet comfortable, providing an ideal environment for alertness and visual acuity.

Human-Centric Lighting: Powered by Color-Tunable Circadian Technology

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Heighten staff alertness and reduce error rates.

Improve comfort and mood of patients & residents.

Promote psycho-physiological circadian benefits.

Our color tunable lighting is designed to improve natural circadian rhythm function for better sleep regularity, alertness, mood, visual acuity and productivity. Wireless SMART Control enables individually-tuned ambient lighting for patients, staff , and visitors.

Healthcare Optimized.

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