Pioneers in LED Technology

SAMJIN is a publicly traded electronics manufacturing company that has served global corporations since 1987. Their corporate clients include Samsung, Boeing, LG and Konica Minolta. Their commitment to pursue research based innovation and environmental sustainability distinguishes them as the market leader in human centric lighting, LED lighting, and lighting control solutions.



SAMJIN LED employs cutting-edge research and technology to achieve optimum Human Centric Lighting (H.C.L.) conditions in a multitude of environments. They are pioneers in the development of fine-tune dimming technology and warm-to-cool white Kelvin-changing LEDs.

is the leader in LED lighting technology R&D.

Controlled Lighting is SAMJIN LED's global distribution & marketing partner. Together we supply our customers with cutting-edge LED technology and powerful lighting control systems.

Partnered with some of the world's biggest brands.

Decades of Reliability,


& Innovation.

Awards & Certifications

All SAMJIN LED products are designed to meet the energy efficiency guidelines set by the Design Lights Consortium Qualification and the Lighting Design Lab Program.


Two of their most recent products were recognized by the Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition and also selected by the American Lighting Association (ALA) & the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) as one of the five grand prize winners in Lighting for Tomorrow Design Competition.

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Corporate Overview


A transformation in lighting can bring your facility's efficiency and productivity to new levels. Controlled Lighting designs LED systems that are simple to control, with power that performs and quality that lasts.

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