Athena Security Gun Detection System


Athena: On a Mission to Save Lives

Athena’s Gun Detection System connects directly to your existing security management system to detect not only firearms, but knives and aggressive action as well with incredible speed and accuracy, keeping your building occupants safe from active threats.

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24/7 Real-Time Detection

Athena scans for threats in your environment non-stop, watching every camera feed through your existing VMS.

In real-time, the system accurately detects dangers with vast identification of weapons and criminal behavior.

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Proactive Alerts

The instant a threat is identified, Athena directs the appropriate live video feed to your designated security personnel who can then forward this to authorities such as the police.

Simultaneously, Athena stops the criminal in their tracks, announcing that their presence is known and authorities are coming.

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About Athena Security

Athena Security is an industry-leading surveillance and security company that specializes in A.I. and real-time threat detection technology.

Their mission is to end mass shootings, curb the spread of pandemic illnesses, and mitigate active risks through real-time threat detection.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, their solutions have been deployed across the US in airports, hospitals, and other major facilities.

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Optional Dual EBT & Gun Detection

Simultaneous Elevated Body Temperature Detection + Concealed Gun Detection (under clothing). Additional thermal camera required.

How Does It Work?

1. People walk through a choke point and look at the Thermal Camera, placed 6 - 10 feet away.

2. The thermal camera in front of the person calculates his/her temperature relative to the HSRP/Blackbody, and identifies if there is a concealed weapon under their clothes on the front of their body.

3. The thermal camera behind the person identifies if there is a concealed weapon under their clothes on the back of their body.

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