Enlighted IoT System


A New Standard for Smart Buildings

Enlighted’s sensor technology, applications, and data analytics are among the most sophisticated in the industry.

With a scalable, future-proof platform that combines and adds multiple streams of data with ease, Enlighted’s IoT system is both actionable now and essential onward into the future.

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The True Potential of IoT

Enlighted’s chief aim is to provide deep insight into what goes on inside of your buildings. Leverage the data analytics and total control of a wireless network of sensors and smart devices.

A truly intelligent building learns how to manage itself by leveraging data, which is how Enlighted saves customers up to 90% in energy costs while dramatically improving their workplace’s comfort and efficiency.

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COVID-19 Solutions

Density Heatmaps allow you to monitor social distancing and occupancy limits. Motion Trails identify bottlenecks and track cleaning. Employee Location and Digital Contact Tracing allow you to respond if an individual tests positive for COVID-19 or another contagious illness.

With Enlighted IoT, organizations are empowered to make safer workspace strategies with data-driven insights.

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