Sensor Connect 2.0


RCA SENSOR CONNECT 2.0 is a stand-alone ZigBee wireless lighting system that is optimized for non-residential spaces such as offices, schools, factories, and hospitals.

RCA SENSOR CONNECT APP makes commissioning easy to create lighting groups, optimize energy savings, monitor energy consumption, asthetic control with scenes and help building managers easily maintain lighting groups.

SECURITY, RELIABILITY AND SCALABILITY are RCA’s top priorities for Sensor Connect. Locally stored project files for secure access, encypted networks per location to keep hackers out, and the capability of managing a 1 million sq ft building generates a huge savings with minimal controls hardware.


Key Features & Benefits
  • Floorplan image registration
  • Graphical map for space and lighting assignment
  • Convenient methods for lighting registration (Barcode, Text, VLC)
  • More than 10,000 lighting control groups can be configured with up to 50 nodes
  • Group or individual lighting daylight harvesting
  • Occupancy sensor timeout and motion sensitivity adjustment
  • Firmware update for RCA SENSOR CONNECT devices
  • Troubleshooting Manager for installers, commissioning agents and end-users
  • Support for remote commissioning via screen sharing
  • Android Kitkat or higher, and various Android device support
  • Energy monitoring, Data analytics, Reporting
  • Scenes

Warranty Information

5 Year Manufacturer's Advanced Exchange Warranty.

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