Trellix Smart Spaces IoT System

Easy Integration for Digital Transformation

UL 2900-1 Security Certification

Trellix by Cooper Lighting Solutions is an on-premise IoT platform  composed of a suite of microservices which facilitate data collection, storage, aggregation and transmission – along with a robust set of user application tools.

Trellix collects valuable real-time data that can be shared and used for anything from saving energy and tracking equipment and assets to improving operational efficiency and occupant experience.

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The Trellix Edge Platform

It takes many interconnected features to create a secure, flexible, highly-functional IoT platform.

  • TRELLIX EXCHANGE / Leverage the data gathered by Trellix. BACnet® Interface, Public (REST) API, OpenADR Interface.

  • TRELLIX ADMIN / Manage multiple applications such as connectivity, systems, data, roles, and interfaces.

  • TRELLIX LIGHTING / Take complete control of your lighting across multiple floors, buildings, and even multiple sites. 

  • TRELLIX LOCATE / Real-time location system to monitor, track and manage the flow of people, assets and equipment within a facility.
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Trellix Overview

Trellix Healthcare ROI

Watch the video and try the calculator below yourself.


UL2900-1: Unmatched Security

Cyberattacks can expose your customers to unscrupulous hackers. By achieving UL2900-1 certification, Trellix takes proactive steps to protect your business from security risks.

What is UL2900-1?

UL2900-1 standards , published by UL, present software cyber security requirements for network-connectable products. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has adopted UL2900-1 as a national consensus Standard and the FDA has also officially recognized the UL2900 standard for connected equipment being installed in healthcare facilities.

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