Future-Proof Smart Building Concept

The following is a conceptual narrative which demonstrates the synergic value of our Smart Building technologies.

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Sarah approaches her office. Her badge is scanned and the front door opens without her touching the handle.

Right inside is a body temperature checkpoint. Without stopping or removing her face mask, she walks through and is automatically scanned – 97.4 °F, healthy.

The day before, at the same checkpoint, her co-worker Ron was found to have a slight fever. Ron later tested positive for a contagious illness.


Thankfully, the building’s IoT sensors had tracked Ron during the last few days when he was likely spreading the contagion before experiencing symptoms himself.

His manager knows exactly who he was in contact with and has notified them to get tested and stay home until they are cleared. His manager also knows every area in the office that Ron has been.

All potentially compromised hotspots have been cleaned before Sarah arrived.


To take it one step further, the antimicrobial LED lighting above continuously disinfects all surfaces and spaces throughout the office.

Sarah knows that these lights are special, but she can’t discern any visual difference with them. To her, it is simply clean, flicker-free office lighting that is quite comfortable and helps her focus on her work.


Where Sarah works is not only the smart office of the future; it is the entire building.

Every door is touchless. Every entry point has an automated body temperature checkpoint that runs 24/7 so even the nighttime cleaners are accounted for. Everyone who enters is tracked, producing heatmaps and tracing contact. The antimicrobial LED lighting continuously disinfects while remaining completely safe for people, animals, and plants.

Every one of these technologies communicates with the other through BACnet. They are all connected – for the facilitation of smart decision making, for the optimization of costs and resources, and for the safety of everyone in your building.

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